About us - Cartobois


Our company was founded in 2005. At the beginning, we mainly sold sheets of wood to cabinet makers.

In 2006, the owner had the idea of manufacturing greeting cards using maple wood.

Where did this idea come from?

The owner had spent a beautiful summer afternoon cutting sheets of maple wood with his father. Before leaving for work, his wife reminded him to buy a greeting card for a friend who had invited them to her birthday dinner. As dinner was fast approaching and he was running out of time to buy the card, it occurred to him that by cutting a very thin slice of wood on the maple block on which he was working, he could make the card himself. He would then cut it to the right size and fold it in two. His wife would only need to decorate the card, and they would have something unique and original to offer their friend.

The end result exceeded their expectations! The card was a huge hit and, months later, it was still displayed on their friend’s sideboard. It was at that precise moment that the idea came to him: cards made from cardboard never last long, but wooden ones do!

The test                                              

From that day forward, everything was put into place to develop this new wooden card. After several grueling months and countless rounds of trial and error, the first “MapleCard” was created.

With the help of his wife – in charge of the content (written text and illustrations) and his father – head of production, the owner designed a few models to be tested on the market.

He then presented his idea to a number of businesses in the area, proposing that they offer this unique card to their customers. A number of them liked the concept and decided to carry this one-of-a-kind product. The cards were an instant success and, since then, customers have asked that other maple wood cards be offered!