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Terms and conditions

Definition of “Terms and Conditions” and law changes
Use of the site www.Cartobois.com is governed by the “Terms and Conditions” in this document. Use of this site indicates that you agree to be bound by the “Terms and Conditions” as stipulated. In case you disagree with one or more articles, please refrain from using the site www.cartobois.ca in any form whatsoever.
These “Terms and Conditions” are subject to change without notice. You are responsible to check this page regularly to take notice of any changes.

2. Intellectual Property
All elements of the site www.cartobois.ca, such as graphics (pictures, icons, logos), trademarks, standards and standards own the site, computer programs and source codes, domain names and content editorial found in the website are protected by the laws applicable copyright. It is prohibited to save, reproduce, copy, modify, compile, distribute, publish and use any way intellectual property contained on this site, except with the prior written permission of www.Cartobois.com. It is also prohibited to use the intellectual property www.Cartobois.com for commercial or advertising purposes or to increase traffic to a website without explicit permission from www.Cartobois.com.
This should not be interpreted as giving any right of ownership or use to anyone on intellectual property www.Cartobois.com.
The trademarks, company names and logos encountered on this site are the property of their respective owners.

3. Limitation of Liability
The website and its content are provided as is without any express or implied warranty, including on the accuracy, veracity, reliability, completeness, relevance, the absence of typographical and other errors, the completeness, quality, authenticity or validity of the information available and on the quality, availability, accessibility and security of the site www.Cartobois.com. In addition, no warranty is offered vis-à-vis the completeness or frequency of updating the website content www.Cartobois.com.
You acknowledge that www.Cartobois.com is not responsible for any loss or direct, indirect, special, incidental, economic, consequential, exemplary or punitive damages resulting from the use or inability to use this website or its content. Moreover, www.Cartobois.com is not responsible for damages that may be caused to the computer equipment or data they contain, or viruses, Trojan horses, worms or other harmful or destructive computer programs as a result of access the website, its use or downloading files through the site.
That the confidentiality of information transmitted over the Internet can not be assured, www.Cartobois.com can not be held liable for damages or losses caused by the disclosure of information.

4. Compensation
Any violation of one or more articles of the “Terms and conditions” stipulated in this document gives www.Cartobois.com the right, without notice or delay in its sole discretion, to deactivate your account, cancel your registration and to remove all the information you have registered on the site, without any form of compensation whatsoever. Moreover, www.Cartobois.com and Scierie PFA Martel inc. reserves the right to undertake all procedures deemed proper to claim all damages caused by the said ticket.
You also agree hereby to take up the cause and www.Cartobois.com Scierie PFA Martel inc., Its officers, employees and agents, should the event that legal proceedings would be taken vis-à-vis the latter due to disregard of the articles of this document.

5. Acceptable Site Use
You agree not to make www.Cartobois.com site commercial use without permission and not to give, sell or rent your rights and obligations achieved through the present document. Moreover, no use for commercial purposes is permitted unless prior approval. You agree to be solely responsible for the content of texts stored on or transmitted via the www.Cartobois.com site and their consequences. The use of the site for hacking purposes of sending spam or any act that could undermine the rights of others or enjoyment of the Site is strictly prohibited.

6. Governing Law
The parties agree that these “Terms and Conditions” are governed by the laws of the Province of Quebec and exclusive jurisdiction is attributed to the courts of the judicial district of Quebec, province of Quebec.

7. Conditions for use of external sites
The www.Cartobois.com site includes hyperlinks to external sites are provided solely as a convenience. The linked sites are not under the control of www.Cartobois.com and acknowledge that the visit of the linked site is at your own risk and does not in any way responsible for www.Cartobois.com.
No warranty is offered by www.Cartobois.com vis-à-vis the content that appears on the external sites and the existence of a link to one of these sites do not constitut a recommendation of the products or services offered on the site. Furthermore, you acknowledge that attendance on external sites is subject to the terms of use and privacy policy of the site visited